Заказчикам: Сернурский опытно-производственный завод, ООО СОПЗ, Россия, ALL.BIZ: Россия
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Сернурский опытно-производственный завод, ООО СОПЗ
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Заказчикам Сернурский опытно-производственный завод, ООО СОПЗ

The main direction of plant’s activity is production of qualitative protein and vitamin additives. The plant is located in the Mari El Republic, in the settlement of Sernur. The enterprise started its activity in the beginning of 70th and was engaged in manufacture of mixed fodders. After the reconstruction in the 2000 the plant has improved the quality of products and has increased its outputs.
Contemporary production of animal industries and poultry farming pays special attention to fodder ration. Vegetable fodders do not contain enough of necessary nutrients and therefore cannot satisfy the full requirement of animal industries and poultry farming. To increase biological value of vegetable forages it allows adding of complete protein, vitamin and mineral substances, optimal quantity of which contains in qualitative fodder additives: fodder yeast and albuminous fodder mixture. High quality of protein fodder additives is reached due to the high contents of fodder units and digested protein.
Researches and long-term practice on using of yeasts have proved their high efficiency: 

- In animal industries they raise an additional weight of animals;
- Reduce expenses of the overall amount of forages calculated on the unit of additional weight;
- Reduce time to fatten animals;
- Raise content of milk;
- Reduce death rate due to increase of resistibility to diseases;
- Improve the general condition of animals.
- In poultry farming using of fodder yeasts increases the quantity of eggs and weight of fowl.

Reaching the above stated results in today’s difficult economic conditions is possible only by joint systematic work of cattle breeders and manufacturers of forages.
Obtaining the inexpensive products is the main purpose of cattle breeders and forage manufacturers, it is reached first of all by using of inexpensive forages and fodder additives.
With the purposes of comprehensive and objective estimation of nutritious qualities and safety of products each set is investigated on a wide spectrum of biochemical parameters in a special science-research enterprises and in the own laboratory.
The plant collaborates with agricultural farms, tribal plants, poultry farms, swine complexes, animal farms, etc. on all the territory of Russia and abroad.
The flexible system of payment depends on volume and regularity of deliveries. The delivery of our products can be made by rail or by truck at the request of customer.



заказчикам Сернурский опытно-производственный завод, ООО СОПЗ Россия, ALL.BIZ: Россия